Playfulness in Yoga: Have Great Fun!

Having fun is a BIG philosophy of my life. I love going for roller coaster and Viking rides, and I love trying out new things from salsa to cooking.

That’s how I started learning yoga. I got curious about it. I wondered why yoga studios are mushrooming, why my friends are raving about yoga, and what is yoga actually?? Is it just about twisting yourself into a pretzel, and chanting om?

I’ll leave that thought to another blog post (it sounds like a great philosophical piece). But today, I wanted to share all the funny, wacky yoga stuff that I found…

Find No 1. Yoga Cookies!

This just brings a great big smile to my face. It’s so utterly silly and adorable.

Find No. 2. Yoga Comics: Adventures of a Yoga Boy

Don’t you just find some of the poses we do and the things that happen in yoga class absolutely hilarious? So it’s no wonder that there’s yoga comics! Chris Panico draws some great cartoons. Hope he continues to keep up his good work.

Find No 3. YogaDawg
And while I was checking out the comments from Chris’ page, I found another great link! This is an irreverent website for some silly fun if you have time to spare.

Hey, posting this is great fun! Maybe I will try to continue with a second post on fun yoga things soon.

What other fun yoga stuff have you come across? Please share with me if you have some great recommendations!

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