Great Yoga Music on the Web

For those who are looking to find great yoga music on the web, these are some of the good finds on the net.

Yoga Radio (Free Yoga Music)

Sahaja Yoga Radio: The site offers free sahaja yoga music. Sahaja is a type of yoga meditation technique. This is quite a well run website, complete with a full list of songs, podcasts and a blog too.

YogaMates: One of the best loved yoga communities on the internet offers a good YogaRadio station. Go to their home page and click on the YogaRadio button on the top right hand corner.

Yoga Music Downloads (Usually not free)

The following sources may offer some free music, or free samples / previews. By and large, however, they are pay per downloads websites which offer quality yoga music for as cheap as $0.99 per song.

MyYogaOnline: The yoga downloads corner of this website provides a wide range of yoga music suitable for yoga practice or just plain relaxation. The songs are quite affordable, costing from $0.99 a song to about $4.99.

OmStream: Another great source of yoga music. The great thing about this website is that it offers yoga instructor playlists and music for different types of yoga such as power or flow yoga. This makes it easy for those looking for specific types of music for their yoga practice.

Yoga Music Unlimited: Another pay per download website with great yoga music. Do note, however, that this website is only available to U.S. computers.

Amazon: This online supermall offers a great range of quality yoga music, including yoga classics such as the hugely popular The Essence by Diva Premal. The Essence is one of my personal favourite CD which I listen to over and over again as it is so soothing and calm.

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